What is a Social Media Manager?

Why is Social Media a big deal?

Have you been wondering why social media is such a big deal? Maybe you’re wondering why you, as a business owner, need to have a social media presence? Well, let me share with you 3 reasons your business should be on social media and why social media is such an important thing to have as a business owner:

  1. Get your business where your target market is hanging out. Chances are, that you have an ideal customer/client, and chances are that those customers/clients spend a bit of time scrolling on social media. If your business is on that screen as they scroll then your business will be on their mind a bit more. This can be extremely beneficial to you. For example, if you make and sell bath bombs and a customer has a neighbor that they want to get a gift for. If they see your bath bomb business in their social feed, they might just want to order a couple from you to give to that neighbor as a gift!
  2. Quality and consistency. It’s important that you post consistently, and have good quality content that supports your business. By being consistent on social media, your audience will get used to seeing your content and grow to expect posts from you at certain times. Once they know they can count on you for quality content, they will be more likely to seek out your business when they need what you are offering.
  3. Convenience and communication with your customer/client. Social Media makes it really easy for those potential clients/customers to send a quick message or make a quick comment on a post with questions, the speed and personalization of your response can tell your future customer/clients a lot about how you would treat them in the future. Many people, after seeing a Facebook ad will stop to scroll the comments to see if it is a credible source for the product. It’s impressive to see when a company cares enough to reply to each comment in response to personal questions. This builds a relationship with people and can gain their trust.

Does this sound too time-consuming? If so, this is where a Social Media Manager (SMM) can help! 

Social Media Managers help with the set up of social media accounts, getting your content on your account to be seen, figuring out the best hashtags so your audience sees your content, create a schedule so your viewers don’t get bored, communicate with your customers so you can focus on what you need to for your business, and some will even run analytics to give you a detailed report on how your social media is performing.

So where do you find a SMM? Social Media Managers are typically freelancers that work remotely from their home. There are some Virtual Assistants that handle Social Media accounts as well as other admin tasks, and there are Social Media Managers who specialize or have “niched” down to simply run accounts full time. Both can do wonders for your business and get you where you need to be.

Want to set up a coffee chat and see how a SMM, such as myself, can grow your business? Click here to book your free coffee chat! Let’s get started on growing your business.


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