Outsource to a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant

Do you know if you need a Social Media Manager, a Virtual Assistant or both? What is the difference? I run both a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Management agency. Why don’t I just say, “I run a Virtual Assistant Agency?” “Why do I put both?”

Let’s dig a little deeper and answer those questions. 

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides support services to a business remotely. For some reason people categorize Virtual Assistant as an administrative assistant and well, I am here to tell you there’s more to it than that.

Virtual Assistant is the industry and under that industry there are specialized services such as general admin VA, social media manager, Pinterest manager, and so on. We all work from home as independent contractors supporting businesses while working remotely.

However, there are some specialized services for example a Social Media Manager who doesn’t want to be categorized as a Virtual Assistant. Why? Well, to be honest, VA’s kind of have this rap where they only do administrative tasks and that’s not true. There’s still so much educating that needs to be done around this industry. 

Assistant vs Manager

Confused yet? It’s all in a name. Assistant vs Manager

So let’s break down two popular services: Social Media Manager & Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant assists in the implementation of tasks. For the sake of this written piece let’s talk in terms of a general admin VA since when talking of Virtual Assisting that is what most people think all VA’s do. 

A Social Media Manager manages, creates and schedules business social media platforms. For example a social media manager may write copy, create graphics, provide hashtag research and schedule content to social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Then there are strategists who strategize their client’s overall content. 

Well, what’s the difference between a strategist and manager? Well, my friends we’ll have that convo another day. Let’s stay on topic, shall we. 

Focus Area of Business

A social media manager is focused on one area of your business: social media. Whereas a general admin VA is helping you in multiple parts of your business. 

Well, can’t a VA do both? Sure, if you need someone to do the work with no strategy behind it but is that going to help you grow or just another task to get off your plate? Everything we do in our business should have a way to help us grow.

Social media managers are around social media all day every day. They keep up with the trends, what’s working, not working, which platforms are best, how to write content, create graphics, complete hashtag research, and know various scheduling platforms. Whereas, a VA is not going to know these things because it isn’t their wheelhouse but a VA will organize the shit out of your business and do a lot of the day to day tasks needed to run a business. Have 10,000 emails? A general admin VA can try to get you down to inbox zero.

Let’s chat about pay. General admin VA’s are usually hourly whereas Social Media Managers are based on deliverables and therefore provide packages.

I hope this gave you a breakdown of the difference between a Social Media Manager and a Virtual Assistant. Do you see now why I say I offer both in my agency? The VA’s in my agency are client facing and helping my clients with their day to day tasks. Whereas, with my social media clients I create the strategy while my social media managers manage the content.

Grow Your Business

The Virtual Assistant industry is amazing and whether you hire a general admin VA or a Social Media Manager you will save time and money and who doesn’t want that. I always say, “you will grow your business through outsourcing.”

Not sure which one you need? Grab my free guide, Grow Your Business Through Outsourcing.” My guide will walk you through which one is a best fit for you.


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