Simplify Your Summer Marketing: Prep & Unplug




It’s easy to want to reduce your marketing this summer and just sit by the beach or pool all day. But stopping your marketing can be a big mistake. Even during the busiest seasons, or the lazy days of summer, nurturing your audience is crucial. Think of it like tending to a garden. Just as plants need regular care, so does your marketing. If neglected, both can wither away.


In today’s episode, I’m sharing tips on how to maintain your marketing momentum during the summer while still enjoying some much-needed downtime.


In this episode, I chat about:

1. Embracing the Summer Vibes
2. Common Marketing Mistakes in the Summer
3. Keeping Your Marketing Alive Without the Stress
4. Scaling Back Without Losing Touch
5. Unplugging from marketing


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Simplify Your Summer Marketing: How to Prep and Unplug


As we wrap up June, I can hardly believe we’re on the brink of the summer months of July and August. Here in Madrid, the weather has been pleasantly cool, windy, and rainy lately, which is a delightful change from the norm. But I know this is just the calm before the storm. Soon enough, the sweltering summer heat will take over, and like many here, I’ll be embracing the traditional Spanish siesta—going out in the early mornings, staying cool indoors during the peak heat, and venturing out again in the evenings.


What are your summer plans?


For me, this summer is all about soaking up my last days in Madrid with family and friends, diving into a good book or two, and easing up on work to just enjoy life.


To all my tax professionals out there, this message is for you: You deserve this break. Even though tax season officially ended in April, we all know that the workload doesn’t just disappear. Summer is the perfect time to unwind. But—and this is a big but—don’t let your marketing take a complete vacation.


Why Consistent Marketing Matters, Even in Summer


It’s easy to think, “Who wants to work in the summer?” But stopping your marketing can be a big mistake. Even during the busiest seasons, or the lazy days of summer, nurturing your audience is crucial. Think of it like tending to a garden. Just as plants need regular care, so does your marketing. If neglected, both can wither away.


I’m no expert gardener—confession time: I just managed to kill a plant last week. One day it was thriving, the next it looked miserable despite my efforts with water and sunlight. Maybe I overdid it. But just like a neglected plant, your marketing needs consistent attention to flourish.


Keeping Your Marketing Momentum Going


  1. Plan Ahead: If you’re planning to slow down this summer, start prepping your marketing strategy now. Look at content you can repurpose or consider hiring a marketing team to handle it for you. At Simplified Marketing Services, we offer a marketing strategy called the marketing roadmap, that includes templates, captions, and hashtags without requiring a monthly commitment. 
  2. Batch and Schedule Your Content: Imagine lounging by the beach or pool, drink in hand, and knowing your marketing is running smoothly because you batched your content ahead of time. Whether you prefer to handle it yourself or outsource it, this approach ensures you can fully relax. 
  3. Create a Content Hub: Think of a content hub as your digital treasure chest, filled with ready-to-use posts, ideas, and videos. It’s a game-changer. When you need content quickly, you can dip into this resource, avoiding the stress of last-minute scrambling. It’s organized, easy to access, and grows with your business. For more on building a content hub, grab my free resource, “The Simplified Content Hub.” 
  4. Scale Back Your Posting: Less can truly be more. Instead of five posts a week, consider reducing it to three. This allows you to focus on quality over quantity, just like choosing a specialized menu at a restaurant. Last year in Marbella, a beach town in southern Spain, I learned this the hard way at a place with an overwhelming menu that ended up disappointing. Fewer, but more thoughtful posts can enhance engagement without overwhelming you. Don’t worry about people missing you—they probably won’t even notice the slight reduction.
  5. Try Shorter Content Formats: Consider connecting with your audience through shorter formats, like mini podcast episodes or bi-weekly/monthly newsletters. As your audience is likely enjoying the summer as well, they’ll appreciate quick, engaging content. Think of it as serving up tapas instead of a full meal—bite-sized and satisfying.
  6. Unplug and Recharge: While I’ve been emphasizing the importance of not stopping your marketing altogether, it’s okay to take a short break. Unplugging for a week or two won’t hurt and can refresh you. With the constant noise from social media, giving yourself a mental break can be rejuvenating.


Prepping Your Marketing for a Relaxing Summer


Here’s how to simplify your marketing so you can truly enjoy the summer:

  • Plan, Batch, and Schedule: Get ahead with your content to free up your time.
  • Build a Content Hub: Future-proof your marketing with a well-stocked content vault.
  • Reduce Your Output: Scale back the number of posts to focus on quality.
  • Unplug Occasionally: Take short breaks to recharge without losing momentum.


And if you prefer to be completely hands-off, consider hiring a marketing agency like ours. This summer, we’re offering a special deal: book before August 15th and get a free month of marketing, with a reduced 3-month retainer, saving you over $1500. Interested? Book a call here.


Remember, it’s all about planning your business around your life. Simplify your marketing and enjoy your summer. Go out and live your best life!



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