Simplify Social Media Content:PBS Method (Part 1)

As a business owner, creating marketing content, particularly for social media, can be very demanding. You have to think about the ideas, create the graphics, write a copy, do the hashtag research, and schedule your posts. When marketing isn’t your thing, these tasks can quickly become overwhelming, leading to burnout. Content creation demands time, creativity, and strategic planning, making it a challenge for those juggling multiple aspects of their business. However, the good news is that creating a steady flow of high-quality marketing content without burnout is possible. With a clear strategy, you can effectively create content that promotes your business on social media.

In this episode, I discuss how to plan social media content using my PBS (Planning, Batching, and Scheduling) method. Let’s explore how this structured approach can simplify and streamline the often-overwhelming content creation process by breaking it down into 5 pillars that can help you build and maintain a consistent and engaging online presence.

In this episode, I chat about:

1. How to simplify marketing when it comes to content
2. How to use the PBS method to organize and streamline your content
3. Tips to make your content planning and creation fun
4. How to tailor your content for your clientele
5. How to choose your topics, write a copy, and create graphics
6. 4 actionable steps for planning your social media content

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