Roadmap to Repurposing Your Content

The number one reason people aren’t consistent on social media is that they are burnt out from creating so much content.

One way to not feel burnt out with social media is to repurpose your content.

Repurposing Content is Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content repurposing is taking one piece of content and recycling it from other pieces of content. However, you don’t want to just copy and paste. When you repurpose content you have to make sure that content is tweaked to your other marketing channels that you are repurposing. For example, if you are writing a blog and want to repurpose it on social media we would add emojis, a call to action, a hook, etc.

When creating a content marketing strategy we like to write down all the channels we use for my marketing. Here at Simplified Marketing Services, our content marketing strategy consists of blogging, social media (Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn), Pinterest, guest podcasting, video, and email marketing.

Benefits of Content Repurposing

There are multiple benefits to repurposing your content. Here are 3 of the top reasons to repurpose your content.

Grow your audience. We all consume content differently. Think of ways you like to consume content. Some people like to read and some like to listen. Putting your content on different marketing channels means you get your content out to various audiences.
Save time. Content creation is time-consuming. Instead of wasting hours trying to come up with content for your different marketing channels you can just take one piece and reformat it.
Diversify of Content. Consistency is key! Diversifying your content lets other people hear your message over and over again on different platforms. After all, they say it takes people over 7 times before they’ll take action to buy your product or service.

Long Form Content

The key is to repurpose your content from one long-form piece of content. What is long-form content? Long-form content is a blog or video that takes a lot of time to consume. So for example a blog over 1000 words or a video or a podcast since video/podcast are normally at least 10 minutes.

What is one piece of long-form content that you can repurpose? Do you have a blog, Youtube video, videos you record for courses, webinars, social or a podcast? If so, you are ahead of the game and already have so much content.

Now let’s take that long-form content and turn it into multiple pieces of content.

Before you start repurposing your content think of all your marketing channels and create a roadmap of what and how you can repurpose your content.

Roadmap to Repurposing Content

When repurposing content we like to think of a roadmap to help be a guide.

R – Repurpose your long-form content
O – Optimize your content
A – Add value
D – Diversify your content
M – Multiply your content
A – Adapt your content to the marketing channel
P – Produce content

Speaking of a roadmap, grab our “Consistency Strategy for Social Media.” Repurposing content can also help you stay consistent on social media because now you know what to post.

9 Steps to Repurposing Your Content

Now that we know what content repurposing is, the benefits, where to start, and have a roadmap let’s get into the actual steps of content repurposing. Let’s walk you through how we at Simplified Marketing Services repurpose content for one of our clients.

1. Podcast/Video. We take our client podcasts and Facebook videos and transcribe them using There are other options so pick the one that works best for you.
2. Blog Post. That the transcription, clean it up and turn it into a 1500-word blog post. Keep in mind you can’t just post the transcription, you have to clean it up because we may use isms such as um, yeah, that maybe we don’t want in our blog post. Plus the transcription isn’t always 100% grammar free.
3. Social Media Content. Take the blog and create social media content complete with copy, graphics, and hashtags.
4. Pins for Pinterest. Create multiple pins. You can create a lot of pins from one blog post. Just be sure once the blog is uploaded to put the link to the actual blog.
5. Carousels. Take up to 5 action steps from your blog/video and turn this into a carousel.
6. Reel. Take the action steps from the carousel and break down each step in a reel.
7. Newsletter. Let your audience know there is a new blog post/video. Give them just enough where they get excited but have to go to the blog/podcast to finish reading/listening.
8. Podcast. If you have a video you can strip the background noise and turn that into a podcast.
9. Stories. Stories last 24 hours. Take to stories and let people know you have a new blog/podcast/video and post the link (yes you can add links in stories)
10. Lead Magnet. Don’t have a lead magnet. Take your content and create a pdf that you can turn into a lead magnet. Now you have a way to get people on your email list.

There are so many ways to repurpose content but here are the top 10 ways we like to repurpose content. All of these ways will produce 20+ pieces of content.

Organize Your Repurposed Content

Now that we all have this content how do we keep track of it?

You can use any project management tool, but we love Airtable. I love how we can click along as we are done with creating content, especially so we don’t miss a step. We also love how our clients can see all of their content in one place. Then once they are done reviewing they click done and we have automation to our Slack that lets us know the client is done reviewing so our team can get to work. Talk about simplifying your business!

If you want to take the work out of creating your own Airtable, we have one ready to go for you! You can grab it here.

Maximize your content, simplify the process and watch your business grow!


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