Repurpose Content Like a Pro

It’s no secret that I LOVE to repurpose content. I believe content repurposing should be a part of your content marketing strategy. We all consume content differently so you could be missing out on potential leads.

In today’s digital age, creating fresh and engaging content is essential for any business, especially if you’re a woman leading a financial enterprise or coaching practice. However, constantly churning out new content can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where content repurposing comes in. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can simplify your marketing efforts by becoming a pro at repurposing content.


The Power of Content Repurposing


Content repurposing involves taking existing content and transforming it into various formats to reach a wider audience. Content repurposing saves you time and effort while amplifying your message. For women leaders in the financial and coaching industry, this means more effective marketing without the overwhelm.

Content repurposing can maximize your existing content. Your business likely already has a treasure trove of content, from blog posts to videos and podcasts. The beauty of repurposing lies in making the most of what you already have. Why work harder than you need to, right?


Strategies for Repurposing Like a Pro


Creating a content repurposing strategy that starts with a podcast and extends to blogs, pins for Pinterest, social media, and newsletters can be a powerful way to maximize the impact of your content. 

You can repurpose starting with any long-form content such as a podcast or blog. 


Here is our Content Repurposing Strategy:


Step 1: Podcast Creation

  • Begin by creating podcast episodes on topics relevant to your audience. After recording each episode, have it transcribed into text format. This will serve as the foundation for your blog content.

Step 2: Blog Content

  • Use the transcripts from your podcast episodes to create detailed blog posts that consist of 800-1,200 words. Expand on the key points discussed in the podcast, add additional insights, and structure the content for easy reading. Don’t forget about SEO. Make sure your blog is optimized with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and headings.

Step 3: Pinterest Pins

  • Create Pinterest graphics for each blog post. These graphics should include the blog post title, an image, and your website URL. Each pin should also have keyword-rich descriptions for discoverability.

Step 4: Social Media 

  • Pull quotes or insights from your podcast episodes and blog posts to create content. Don’t forget to engage your audience. Create social media posts that tease the content of your podcast episodes and blog posts. One thing I also love to do is create audiograms.

Step 5: Newsletters

  • Send out a weekly newsletter to your subscribers highlighting the latest podcast episodes, blog posts, and any other valuable content.

Step 6: Cross-Promotion

  • In your blog posts, include links or embed audio players for the corresponding podcast episodes. Encourage blog readers to listen to the full podcast. Mention and promote your blog posts in your podcast episodes. 


By implementing this content repurposing strategy, you not only save time but also ensure that your content is accessible and engaging across different platforms, catering to various preferences within your audience.


Build Out a Content Hub


Invest in a program that allows you to efficiently organize and access your content. This will make it much easier to identify pieces suitable for repurposing and track your efforts.

We at the agency love Airtable for our content hub. 

Not sure what a content hub is? Check out this reel. 


Becoming a pro at repurposing content is a game-changer for women leading businesses in the financial industry or coaching field. It simplifies your marketing efforts, allowing you to reach a broader audience with less stress. By transforming existing content into various formats and leveraging the right tools, you’ll maximize the impact of your message, attract more clients, and position yourself as a leader in your field. So, start simplifying your marketing and start repurposing like a pro today. 


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