Simplified Marketing Podcast

Welcome to the Simplified Marketing Podcast. I’m your host, Bianca Smith. Tune in every Wednesday as we chat about simplifying your marketing as a financial professional. 


Hey there, Bianca here

Are you a financial professional struggling with your marketing? Do you want to find ways to simplify your marketing? Ready to learn how to integrate marketing into your everyday life?

In this podcast, I’m keeping it real about the ups and downs of this entrepreneurial rollercoaster while giving you marketing strategies, ways to humanize your brand content through storytelling, and work-life integration tips that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

I’m Bianca Smith, the founder of Simplified Marketing Services, a financial marketing agency helping financial professionals (Accountants, CPAs, CFOs, Bookkeepers, etc.) humanize their brand content through storytelling using social media and email marketing.

Tune in every Wednesday, and let’s get started on simplifying your marketing.



What listeners have to say……

As an accounting professional myself, I am so excited about this podcast hosted by an actual accounting professional turned marketing strategist. Don’t worry these bite-sized episodes are not just for data-focused businesses. There will be actionable steps any business can do. Excited to make this a permanent part of my podcast rotation.

Connie Vanderzanden

I really appreciate this new podcast so much! As someone who is still fairly new in business, I’m already learning a lot. I truly appreciate it. The episode on storytelling and really humanizing our business this way. We really do have to connect with people in this way and be truly authentic. Thank you so much for starting this podcast and I look forward to hearing more!

R Alejandro

Bianca speaks so authentically about marketing and making if feel natural and not overwhelming! This is so reassuring that I could do exactly what she says. She breaks down for us Financial folks in ways that I get it! Thank you so much for sharing fantastic value in this area!

Robbin Kent

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