Simplify Your Morning Routine

Depending on the season of my life, my morning routine can vary widely. Some seasons are slow moving, taking each day as it comes. Right now, however, it’s back to school time in my house. This means that my morning routine looks a bit different from the last 6 months of quarantine-forced scheduling. The slow-moving mornings and flexible schedules are being traded out for alarm clock wake-ups and hitting the ground running so that we can make the most out of each day. No matter what is on our calendar for the upcoming day, I make sure to have a morning routine to keep us consistent and on track.

Why do I use a morning routine?

It is simple. Your morning sets the tone for the day. By choosing to wake up before your kids and focus on what you need from your day first, you ensure to set aside some “you” time; whatever that may look like for you. This might be journaling, listening to a podcast, reading, etc. Sure, I could wake up 15 minutes before the school bus rolls up, toss a Poptart at the kids and they slump out of the front door and get right to work, but that sets up my whole day for being rushed and unintentional. Instead, I make sure I focus on the things that make me feel good and help me be the best version of myself that I can be.

Of course, I practice what I preach. For example, this is how my back-to-school morning routine looks like:

  • 0530: I wake up, get dressed, make my bed, read my daily devotion, then head downstairs to the kitchen.
  • 0615: Next up, time to start the coffee, boil an egg while I make peanut butter & banana toast. Now as that is going, I head downstairs to start laundry, then eat breakfast and read a book while the house is still quiet.
  • 0700: Luckily for me, my kids wake themselves up (life of teenagers!). Once they’re moving, I make them breakfast and head out to get them to school.
  • 0800: Once I get back home, I blast music or a podcast while I clean the house up for the day.
  • 0900: My final step before the work starts is to workout then shower and get ready. Prioritizing my health is huge when it comes to my routine.
  • 1000: Finally I start my day (Pro tip: I don’t get on social media until 1000. This lets ME set MY intentions, not Social Media!)

Is everyday perfect like this? Not at all. There are times I wake up at 7:30 screaming for everyone to get up, grab a quick bite, and on those days I’ll take them to school, end up sitting in the city traffic, and throw off my whole morning. Just because one thing changes the course of your day doesn’t mean that the rest of your day has to be wrecked! Just pick yourself back up once you get settled from the craziness of waking up late, adjust your plans for the day by seeing what you can still fit in, and get to it. 

Morning routines are so specific for each person. I would love to know your morning routine and how you master your day. Let me know in the comments. 


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