Leverage Your Business Using Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic social media tool to boost marketing for your business. With almost 3 billion users, this platform has a wide reach around the world. Users can connect with each other, find events to participate in, join groups of like-minded people, purchase off the Marketplace, and many other options.

Even better, there is NO cost to join Facebook for business! A marketing tool that doesn’t affect your bottom line to join is always a good thing!

Here are just a few reasons this platform might be right for your business:

  • Drive more traffic to your website

Social media platforms are excellent ways to drive more traffic to your website. With the billions of people on Facebook, you just tapped into a gold mine of organic traffic. A potential client can easily stumble across your business while perusing their Facebook feed. When they look through the Facebook page, they will want to learn more and thus click on the website link.

  • Share information about your products or services

A great way to get information about your products or services out to the public is via a platform they use every single day. A user can be scrolling through their feed without realizing your awesome products and/or services are available. Then they come upon your post or an ad or even a friend’s post raving about your business! By posting pictures and information about your products and services, the public has a much greater chance of discovering all that your business has to offer.

  • Build a loyal fan base

Facebook was built with the intent to connect people. As you share what your business can offer, interested customers will start to follow your page. They will comment, like, and share your products and services with their social circles. Interacting with your followers and building a relationship with them will solidify them into a loyal fan base. And businesses with loyal followers can make awesome things happen!

  • Create ads to reach your target audience

Ad programs through Facebook allow you to reach your target audience when they still haven’t discovered your business. Ads can be crafted with copy specifically for anyone you want to reach. Someone who has been searching for the products and services you offer will see your ad pop up on their feed and be so grateful to finally find you. These ads will come at a cost, but the rate of return will probably be worth it!

  • Grow your email list

As you gain a loyal fan base, people will want to sign up for the business’s email list to be sure they are the first to know about anything new. This growing email list then ensures that you are always able to reach your audience and provide them with updated news, promotional deals, and new product reveals. 

  • Receive personal reviews

People love to convey their feelings. When they find a business that they love, they can’t help but want to share it with their friends and family! Personal reviews are very effective in creating more customers because people want to know the business they are patroning is worth their time and money. With Facebook, it’s so easy for customers to help a business scale by their glowing reviews.

Some business owners love to take care of their own posting on Facebook and interacting with their followers. Others find it to be a daunting task and would rather focus on being the brains and creative mind behind the business.

If you are the latter, don’t fret about not having the desire to manage your Facebook platform. Or maybe you like managing your Facebook, but you just don’t have the time. The great news is that you don’t have to. A social media manager can take that task off your plate and let you get back to what you love doing for your business. 

That’s where we come in! We at, Simplified VA Services, are experts in social media management. We’ll simplify your life by taking on those media tasks that are draining you and help create ways to scale your business. If you’d like to chat about those services, book a call here! We’d love to discuss how we can help!

Now let’s get to creating and growing that Facebook account!


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