Content Repurposing

Constantly creating new content?

Do you have long form content such as a podcast or video and are constantly creating new content?


Welcome to the realm of limitless creativity and efficiency! Repurposing content isn’t just a smart strategy – it’s a game-changer that propels your brand forward. Why settle for a single-use lifespan when you can transform one piece of content into a dynamic array of assets?

who is this for?

Women owned business owners who create long form content such as podcast or videos and want to get their content in front of an array of audiences. 


1. Video or Podcast

Send us your video/podcast link and from there we will get it transcribed to use for repurposing.


2. Blog

From the transcribed audio we will create a 500-800 word blog post for your audience. 

3. Email Newsletter

Once blog is complete we will create an email blast and direct your readers to read more on the blog. 

4. Social Media

From all this content we will then create 3 post complete with captions and graphics plus an audiogram.

5. Pinterest Pins

Each social media post will be turned into an optimized pin directed to your blog.



We believe in a streamlined and organized business. All content will be organized in Air Table & Google Drive.

*We provide the content all you have to is post and schedule the content. However, we know that you are a busy entrepreneur. If you want to be completely hands off try our content repurposing + management package.


**3 month retainer is required or a one-time fee of $1500 if you just want one month.

*We not only provide you the content, we will schedule and format your blogs, schedule and format your newsletters, schedule your pins and schedule your social media content.


**3 month retainer is required.

Bianca has been an integral asset to my business.

Since hiring her, she has quickly assimilated to my business and took initiative to be the right-hand person I’ve always needed in my business. Hiring Bianca or through her agency, you will be guaranteed to be surrounded by a team that represents excellence. Thank you Bianca for being continual support, for the laughs, and for your expertise. You have set the bar for any staff members I hire in my business

jasmin haley

business strategist

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