5 Social Media Mistakes You are Making

Last month I shared my 6 tips to help attract your ideal clients, but this month I want to encourage you to take inventory of what you’re currently doing and make sure you’re playing nice with the algorithm so your content is being shown to the right people. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs curate their feeds and reach their audience across various niches for a while now. I’ve definitely noticed a pattern when it comes to clients who come to my agency saying “I don’t get it, I’m posting but it just isn’t working.”

If this sounds like you, I’ve got a few questions:

  1. Are you reusing general hashtags across multiple posts?
  2. Are you posting your content and going on about your life?
  3. Are you engaging with your audience even when you aren’t posting something yourself?
  4. How consistent are your posts?
  5. What is your focus? Quantity or quality?

You already know from my last blog post that unique and relevant hashtags are so important to getting your content seen, so I won’t harp on that too long. If you need a reminder, go check out that blog post here.

I do, however, want to really focus on the other mistakes because these are the most common issues I’ve seen made; and quite frankly could give you some of your time back too!

Posting and running or not engaging with your audience consistently will have you dead in the algorithm before you even know it. By not interacting with others on the platform, either in your own niche or in the niche of your Ideal Client, Instagram is seeing your account as a potential bot. Guess what Instagram despises? Bot accounts. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day to scroll through your feed and drop some likes and comments, search for new accounts in your audience or niche, and reply to DMs (or send some!) to overcome this mistake. Not only will it help you prove to Instagram that you are a legit account, it will also help your audience see you as an actual person; win-win!

How often do you post?

Speaking of consistency, how often are you posting? Now hear me out, I’m not saying that you have to post 4 times a day every day. Actually, if you are, you’re probably doing too much! When I’m talking about consistency, I’m not only focusing on how often you are putting up new posts, but are they also consistent in quality? It is much more valuable to post 3 high-quality images and captions a week than it is to post 7 lower-quality. This shows your audience that you are serious about your content and are showing up with quality instead of dumping on their feed and potentially wasting their time.

If you are guilty of any of those social media mistakes, don’t worry! Every little step towards changing your habits moving forward is a step in the right direction. Sound like too much for you to take on right now but still want to level up your social media accounts? Click here to book a coffee chat and see if my agency, Simplified VA Services, would be the right fit for your needs.


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