4 Benefits to Working with an Agency

How could a VA agency benefit my business? VA agencies offer many benefits when it comes time to outsource some of your busy work. From top-knotch, qualified VAs to an easy transition process, a VA agency has a variety of ways it can help your business prosper. If you are looking for a simplified process to hire additional help as your business grows, an agency just might be the perfect solution.

Backup Assistants

There may be times when your current assistant can’t meet deadlines or complete his/her normal tasks. When things like family emergencies pop up, they might just be unavailable for a period of time. Instead of having the workload dumped back on your plate or having to scramble to find a temporary VA, you could just check in with the agency you work with for some extra help. An agency usually has additional VAs who can pitch in and get the work done if needed. Having a whole team of people is a huge bonus and can ensure there’s someone who can back up a fellow VA in a time of need. 

Vetted VAs

The hiring process can be grueling. In a short amount of time, you need to learn someone’s personality, work ethic, and morals, not to mention get a feel for how you’ll work together. After a brief conversation, you bring them on board and hope everything works out.

On the flip side, by working with an agency, you can rest assured that the process has already been completed and a quality VA is waiting just for you. All you’ll need to do is make sure they are a good fit for your business. This takes a lot of worry, time, and work off your plate.

Specialized Services

Agencies are generally staffed with VAs who have a variety of specialties. You may be hoping to hire someone who is trained specifically in certain areas like graphic design or copywriting, or even someone super specialized like a tech VA who is a whiz at Kajabi or WordPress. An agency has a breadth of talent. Ask them for their help in finding a trained VA with the skill set you need.

Simplified Onboarding Process

An agency can offer a simplified onboarding process. They’ve already taken care of vetting the VA and hiring them through the agency. They also take care of paying the VA and ensuring you have the perfect assistant that you need. 

All you have to do is work with one point of contact to get additional help for your business and make one payment each month to cover the expense. No need to worry about individual payments for each VA or training each new VA that you hire; just contact the agency and let them do the heavy lifting. 

Simplifying your business processes is what we do best – hence the name Simplified VA Services! If you’re looking to hire a VA or have questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! We love the opportunity to come alongside business owners and offer simple solutions that ease your workload and help you scale your business. 


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